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"Poisonous" does not mean deadly. Some manifestations of toxicity are subtle. The dose, as always, determines if a plant is safe source of nutrients or a toxic hazard.

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BRIEF: Is bougainvillea poisonous to dogs?

We have boarding and breeding kennels here in Perth, Western Australia and we have some BOUGAINVILLEA (I hope that is spelt correctly) growing around the puppy pen. Someone has told me that it is poisonous to dogs. I can't find anything about it on your website - as I have puppies in there at the moment I would be really grateful if you could advise me about this plant.


I have never heard of this plant being poisonous and we had them all over in California where I grew up. Although they don't appear in any poisonous plant texts I own, it wouldn't be prudent for me to say for sure they were edible. (Although I have sen the blossoms used as garnishes and plate decorations)