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"Poisonous" does not mean deadly. Some manifestations of toxicity are subtle. The dose, as always, determines if a plant is safe source of nutrients or a toxic hazard.

If you receive a message saying "no rows found", it means that the plant you are searching for is not in our database. Otherwise, you may click on the scientific name to view the image(s).

Scientific NameCommon Name(s)Species Most
Often Affected
Parts PoisonousPrimary Poison(s)
Aconitum spp.Monkshood, Aconite, Wolfsbanehumans, cattle, goatsleaves, roots, allaconitine
Aesculus spp.Horse Chestnut, Buckeyehumans, cattle, goatsfruitUnknown, possibly saportins, narcotic alkaloids, or glycosides.
Agrostemma githagoCorn Cocklepoultry, cattle, humans, goatsseedsgithagin
Apocynum spp.Dogbanehorses, cattle, humans, sheep, cats, dogs, goatsrhizomeapocynamarin
Argemone mexicanaPrickly Poppy, Mexican Poppygoatsallsanguinarine
Asclepias spp.Milkweedsheep, cattle, goatsleaves, fruits, stemsdesglucosyrioside, syrioside
Atropa belladonnaBelladonna, Deadly Nightshadehumans, goatsallatropine and scopalamine
Brassica spp,Rape, Cabbage, Turnips, Broccoli, Mustardcattle, humans, swine, sheep, goats, poultryroots, seedsglucosinolates, brassica, anemia factor
Cannabis sativaMarijuanadogs, ferrets, cats, goatsall, flower stalksresins, THC
Convallaria majalisLily of the Valleycats, dogs, humans, goatsallcardiac glycosides and saponins
Datura spp.Jimsonweed, Downy Thornapple, Devils Trumpet, Angels Trumpetcattle, humans, horses, goatsflowers, leaves, seedsatropine, scopalamine, and hyoscyamine
Delphinium spp.Delphiniums, Larkspurscattle, humans, goatsallalkaloids delphinine, ajacine, and others
Digitalis purpureaFoxglovecats, cattle, dogs, goats, horses, humansflowers, leaves, seedscardiac or steroid glycosides
Eupatorium rugosumWhite Snakerootcattle, dogs, goats, horses, humans, rabbits, sheepalltremetone
Fagoypyrum esculentumBuckwheathorses, goats
Gelsemium sempervirensJessaminehorses, goatsallgelsemine
Glechoma spp.Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie, Gill over the groundhorses, goatsleaves, stemsunknown
Hypericum perforatumSt. Johns Wort, Klamath Weedhorses, sheep, goatsallhypericum
Lantana camaraLantana, Red Sage, Yellow Sage, West Indian Lantanacattle, dogs, goats, cats, humans, sheepunripe, green berriestriterpenes
Leucothoe axillaris and Leucothoe davisiaeDrooping Leucothoe, Sierra Laurelgoats, sheepleaves, nectarandromedotoxin
Lobelia spp.Great Lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Indian Tobaccohumans, goatsalllobelamine, lobeline
Lupinus spp.Lupinecattle, goatsseedslupinine, anagyrine, sparteine, and hydroxylupanine
Menispermum canadenseMoonseedhumans, goatsalldauricine
Nerium oleanderOleanderhorses, cattle, sheep, dogs, humans, goatsall, leaves, stemsnerioside, oleandroside, saponins, cardiac glycosides
Prunus spp.Wild Cherries, Black Cherry, Bitter Cherry, Choke Cherry, Pin Cherryhorses, cattle, moose, sheep, swine, goatsseeds, leavesamygdalin, prunasin
Ranunculus spp.Buttercup, Crowfootcattle, goats, horsesallprotoanemonin
Rheum rhaponticumRhubarbgoats, humans, swine, horsesleavesanthraquinones, oxalate
Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack Locusthorses, cattle, humans, poultry, sheep, goatsbark, leaves, seedsrobin, phasin
Sambucus canadensisElderberrycattle, humans, goatsleaves, twigs, roots, unripe fruitssambunigrin
Sanquinaria canadensisBloodrootgoats
Senecio spp.Senecio, Groundsels, Ragworthorse, cattle, goats, sheep, humanleavesjacobine, seneciphylline
Solanum spp.Common Nightshade, Black Nightshade, Horse Nettle, Buffalo Bur, Potatocattle, humans, rodents, sheep, horses, goatsleaves, immature fruitsoladulcidine,solanine
Sorghum spp.Sorghum, Milo, Sudan Grass, Johnson Grasshorses, cattle, goatsleaves, stemsdhurrin, nitrate
Rheum rhaponticumRhubarbgoats, humans, swine, horsesleavesanthraquinones, oxalate